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Customer Data Reporting

Spam Filtering

Team Management

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How It Works

When your form is submitted, our services take it from there.

Spam filtered and submission data validated

We receive the form data and remove any spam submissions and then process the submitted data

Store the submitted data

Access your form data using our dashboard and analyze the submitted data with our reports or exporting to CSV

Email notifications and autoresponders

Once the data has been stored in the secure cloud database, notifications will be sent to your team.

Manage your team

Choose who can see which form’s data and be alerted when a submission has been received

Advanced Features For Managing Your Forms

Submission Limits

Choose between daily, weekly or monthly limits for each of your forms

IP Blocking

Provide a range or specific IP that you want to avoid submissions associated with a country, company or individual

Team Management

Manage the permissions and access to form data for your entire team

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